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Youtube mr frazier video dating

told CNN’s New Day Tuesday that he thinks his father “will remain involved somewhat” if he loses the election.He said One of the main contentions supporters of the Clinton Foundation use to excuse the many improprieties the Clintons have perpetrated with their “charity” is that there is no evidence they used the organization for personal enrichment.Nicholas Schmidle writes in The New Yorker that The Blaze founder Glenn Beck has “rethought some things” after listening to a recent speech by Michelle Obama that Beck praised as “the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan.” Beck, who Schmidle describes as “a Black Lives Matter supporter,” now even praises the president he once harshly criticized, declaring that Barack Obama made him “a better man.” An email released by Wiki Leaks from the Texas Tribune to a person at the Democratic National Committee sparked controversy on Monday.The tweet A CNN reporter was rendered speechless after he asked a Pennsylvania woman on Election Day if she was excited for the prospect of America’s first female president.

But now, even’s Jeff Stein has had to admit he was wrong about this.

BBC journalist Kim Ghattas asked Hillary Clinton on Monday morning whether “America understands you and is ready to accept you,” after praising the Democratic presidential candidate as “ahead of your time.” SCRANTON, Pennsylvania — Donald Trump rocked a basketball gymnasium at Lackawanna College on Monday evening, bringing the 4,500-capacity crowd to a deafening roar as he made a bid to win the Keystone State on Election Day on Tuesday.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter made sure to fact check a Twitter typo from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump before the polls closed on Tuesday.

Trump quoted CNN in a tweet about “voting machine problems” in Utah.

Many 2016 polls may prove incorrect because so many Americans are undecided or else say they are backing third parties, says Nate Silver, founder of the “data journalism” site

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“Undecideds are MUCH higher than normal,” Silver said in a Tuesday (AP) Donald Trump’s eldest son says that his family will “respect the outcome” of a “fair election.” Donald Trump, Jr.