Who is mario maurer dating

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Who is mario maurer dating

Rumors about Mario Maurer’s new girlfriend have been making rounds in social networking sites recently.

also known by his stage name Eli, is a Korean American singer, rapper and actor. He is a rapper in the group and one of the three English-speaking members of U-KISS. On April 27, 2011, Eli and Kevin went to Hong Kong for a special street date with their Hong Kong fans for their show Star Date with U-KISS in Hong Kong special.

This was sponsored by Binggrae, which aims to connect the fans all over the world to Hallyu stars to encourage cultural exchanges. In November 2012, Eli along with NS Yoon-G were chosen to host a new weekly English show, K-pop Tasty Road on Olive TV (and on Mnet in the United States and various other countries).

We could have had a discussion, but it certainly wasn’t an argument. I’ve been dating Gib for 9 years now; she’s definitely not that type person. In the future is there a possibility the relationship gets upgraded to the same as before? Like I said though, it’s not as extreme as the news suggest.

From the news it is said that Gubgib secretly has a fling, personally how do feel about this? It’s not necessary for me to go ask her either, because I know her well enough. But it’s also seen that Gubgib is also upset Well it’s definitely sad.

To say we have broken up, that’s not completely true. I don’t deem this as downgrading our relationship, but like I said lately my workload is heavy. To use the word “friend” would resolve to something longer term.

But I’m not going to use the word boyfriend/girlfriend. Reason being the time to take care of each other like lovers like we once had, doesn’t exist anymore. But we’re not cutting our relations off, so it would be hard to use this word, because we still have very good feelings for one anther. Have you downgraded your relationship status for a long time now? Are you upset that you had downgrade the relationship? I say that no matter what we haven’t broken up, we’re still friends.

The show gives K-pop fans a sense of where Hallyu celebrities eat, play, work, and shop. On December 4 of 2015, U-KISS' member Eli announced via instagram that he has been married for over a year since June 5, 2014 after having been dating for 5 years and that they were expecting a child. On December 6, 2015, U-KISS' label NH Media released a statement to clear up some questions.

We still can go to one another for advice just like before. That way we can still talk and consult one another. But if she’s focusing on it, then I’d have to accept.But I make an attempt to think positively that we’re still talking to each other, we can still seek advice from each other. As friends we can associate with each other for much longer. Suppose that there was someone new coming into your life and hers, you can study the other person? Before all of this, there was news claiming the two of you fought on the set We weren’t fighting, nor did we have any arguments.” Shortly before news alleges the two lovers have broken up after Mario caught Gubgib secretly going behind his back with a fling. Well, honestly speaking lately I’ve been working a lot, so we don’t have time for each other like before. But the news alleges that you broke up because you caught Gubgib cheating on you Not at all. But before all this, Gubgib gave an interview on Woody’s show that you’re still in love each other We’ve had some discussion on this.Time to do romantic things like we use to, became almost non existent. We consulted each other about the fact we’ve gone separate ways, and not having time for each other. We call each other to talk since we lately we don’t see each other often. I just want to put a stop to the word “boyfriend/girlfriend” to describe our relationship.And asked to refrain from leaving hate comments as he will be a father soon.

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Eh what is up with the super sweet lovers “Mario Maurer” and “Gubgib Sumonthip? I want to shift my focus to work, something Gubgib feels the same about.

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