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Who is james scott dating

In fact, using the present to explain the past, as Lyell recommended, is an approach that must be used with caution.And lava flows had built Etna to a height of more than 10,000 feet.

Mount Etna provided Lyell with more evidence of the slow pace of our planet.In between lava layers, he found thick layers of oysters, meaning that the time span between lava flows was significant.Considering these changes had happened during recorded history, the same geological processes could, during prehistoric times, build mountains, valleys, canyons, and all the other features we see today.In fact, Lyell devoted the first two of his three-volume to the effects of natural processes occurring during recorded human history.Some modern historians have argued that the way Lyell portrayed his intellectual rivals, the catastrophists, was unfair.

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He accused them of looking to supernatural causes of landscape features, but many of them did no such thing; they simply suspected that events like earthquakes had happened on a larger scale in the geologic past than at present.

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