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During childhood, she recalls being so poor she had to eat squirrels. Beth is a larger-than-life lesbian activist from the Deep South.In both her clothes and her music, she's pulling down stereotypes about what lesbian woman should look like, and stand for." Despite her size (at little more than 5ft, she weighs in at 15 stone), Ditto is also described as a style icon."She's glamorous and sexy, and is completely obsessed by clothes. You probably haven't heard of Beth Ditto, but a glance at the opening page of her remarkable CV will provide a clue as to why she's now, officially, the coolest person in rock'n'roll.But now, her punk band, Gossip, is on the verge of completing a rags-to-riches journey to the dizzy heights of global stardom.

Yet Ditto's appeal extends far beyond the "riot-disco" sound, cutting a swath through the indie club scene of Britain and the United States.

On both sides of the Atlantic, her brand of outspoken feminism and outlandish fashion sense creates almost as many headlines as her music.

In recent days, Beth has been compared to Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Debbie Harry.

The New Musical Express describes her as a future "rock goddess". At the age of 25, she's just signed a major record deal, and is about to become very, very famous.

"Beth has got a voice that's just absolutely phenomenal," says Krissi Murison, the deputy editor of NME, who recently interviewed her. She has the sound of a soul or gospel singer, which the Gossip throws over the top of a sort of funky punk soundtrack.

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Everyone I know who's heard them has been absolutely blown away." High praise indeed.