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Her daughter Alexa Ray Joel also made a surprise appearance on stage during curtain call to present her mom with some flowers. We're sure many will be excited to read this, but frankly, we'd just prefer him to release some new music! While you may know that Mark Ruffalo was out voicing his opinion, other stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Alyssa Milano, Lady Ga Ga, and more took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the protests!

Will Billy Joel's golden years be filled with diapers?

According his rep, the 65-year-old music man is expecting with longtime girlfriend, Alexis Roderick, 33.

She figures there's nothing to hide, so we get to hear all about her life! But the latest confession is one that might shock some folks.

Alexa Ray Joel is talking about her ex and the STD he gave her!

But last night the look on Brinkley’s gorgeous face just screamed of a botox overload. And to some people’s surprise, Brinkley was amazing! Joel, who met Dillion when he was hired to play guitar on her upcoming album, says: Even though Donald Trump was officially named our President-elect, it doesn't mean everyone is accepting the results as several groups of people throughout the nation have hit the streets to protest!

The singer admits: Christie Brinkley has revealed in the past that she’s had some surgical enhancements.

Even her daughter Alexa Ray has gone under the knife. The supermodel has taken on the role of Roxie Hart, which if you recall has already been played by Ashlee Simpson, Brooke Shields, and Melanie Griffith. Alexa Ray Joel, who was hospitalized last December after a disastrous break-up, has moved on to greener pastures and is currently seeing singer-songwriter Cass Dillion!

So, what's the alleged gender and name of this new baby?

Alexa Ray Joel was rushed off to the hospital after she collapsed onstage at the New York cabaret Café Carlyle on Saturday night!

Apparently, before collapsing she had mentioned to the audience there that she wan't feeling very well, but wanted to continue regardless!

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We know the show must go on, but make sure you're well enough to perform first! She was later diagnosed at New York Presbyterian Hospital with Billy Joels' daughter loves being an open book.