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Until economic conditions improve, I'm looking for other work,sleeping in my truck, eating from a local food bank. This cam was about the lifestyle, the politics, the frustrations. It's just us in the truck, my perspective is all there is.I'll talk about what's happening, where I'm at, what I'm seeing and my impressions.I'm basically a solar driver; I prefer driving during the day and park somewhere dark and quiet at night.It's possible to be driving within Wi Fi range of me and have internet!I have a desktop computer in the truck, running the camstreams encoder.This video with sound stream was 100% live all the time.The view was from the top of the passenger seat of my semi truck, an 18 wheeler.

I don't run a regular route, and I have no routine.

I live in this truck and travel anywhere in the United States all the time.

From live chat to discussion forums, to worldwide USENET newsgroups, we have everything to make you feel at home in the trucking community.

I've run out of operating capitol and lost my carrier authority. This cam's been down due to the failed American trucking industry.

This Orbit cam will track moving objects, when I turn tracking on. This truck is a free mobile internet Wi Fi Hot Spot, when I turn Wi Fi on.

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