Vtp not updating

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Vtp not updating

This topic describes the features that VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) offers to support VLANs.To help you understand the basic concept, this is a summary of what VTP is: “VTP allows a network manager to configure a switch so that it will propagate VLAN configurations to other switches in the network” VTP minimizes misconfigurations and configuration inconsistencies that can cause problems, such as duplicate VLAN names or incorrect VLAN-type specifications.For example, your bosses can sit in any floor and still access Manage VLAN (VLAN 7).

VTP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol and is available on most of the Cisco switches. To answer this question, let’s discuss a real and popular network topology.

This is the best design because each person’s permission is not limited by the physical location. Fortunately your office only has 5 floors so you can finish this task in some hours :) But just imagine if your company was bigger with 100-floor office and some VLANs needed to be added every month!

Well, it will surely become a daunting task to add a new VLAN like this.

Luckily, Cisco always “thinks big” to create a method for you to just sit at the “Main Sw”, adding your new VLANs and magically, other switches automatically learn about this VLAN, sweet, right? How VTP Works To make switches exchange their VLAN information with each other, they need to be configured in the same VTP domain.

Only switches belonging to the same domain share their VLAN information.

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This switch is like the “master” of the whole VTP domain and it is operated in Server mode. Other switches are only allowed to receive and forward updates from the “server” switch. Switches in this mode cannot create, delete or modify VLANs.

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