Updating database in vb speed dating young

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Updating database in vb

First off I understand the process of having a user update a db via excel runs alot of risks, I appreciate any advise against this method but lets speculate that I have the perfect user who never makes mistakes :) So firstly I've managed to access a stored procedure via vba in excel to pull data based on a parameter in a particular cell. Verifying the version is important because you are going to need to release fixes and you need to verify that those fixes are being used.Now if I wanted to update these fields how would I go about doing this? Print recs s SQL = "UPDATE [ODBC; File DSN=z:\docs\test.dsn]. Once we have set up our database, we will add some sample records to work with. Add(new Person) Loop End Using Return results End Function Shared Sub New() _connection String = Web Configuration Manager. Connection String End Sub At present, the above code is just for retrieving the data from the database. If you already have a database you wish to work with, add it to your project in Solution Explorer. We use a List collection to gather all records from the database, and then return to the object that calls the method. Lastly, you need lots and lots of validation, from everything between checking the database to make sure the user has the latest version to making sure that the spreadsheet isn't in print view (because this affects the range being able to read).

Dim cn As Object, rs As Object Dim scn As String, s SQL As String, s File As String s File = Active Workbook.

My first suggestion would be to create a stored procedure that updates based on all the fields in spreadsheet. Print recs s SQL = "INSERT INTO [ODBC; File DSN=z:\docs\test.dsn]. From XL x " _ & "INNER JOIN [Sheet8$] w " _ & "ON x.

If this is the right avenue to follow how would I loop through all the rows? Open scn s SQL = "SELECT * INTO [ODBC; File DSN=z:\docs\test.dsn].

The first thing we want to do is to create our class. In this case, we will use the Object Data Source to call the method, but that’s a little later in the ASPX code.

NET, but we also get the ability to create our own Data Access Components for further customization of data handling and manipulation. In this example, the Object Data Source will be calling it, which we will get to a little later.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a Data Access Component (DAC) with the ability to retrieve and update database data. In this example, we will be working with a SQL database with one table, which has three columns – id, name and age. So the entire code-behind for the class looks something like this: Imports Microsoft.

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