Updating computer clock via internet

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Well on my computer in my other room, I was using it this morning and it was working fine.

I tried unplugging my router and waiting to plug back in.

That would be my first test to see if it's your Ethernet cable causing the issue.

Hey Zack, Have you tried switching the Ethernet cable connecting your problematic machine with one of the other Ethernet cables and seeing if (a) the problematic machine can connect with the new cable and (b) whether your other machines can connect with the problematic machines Ethernet cable?

a USB chip) in order to transfer these files to post them. My other computer that is not working is running XP by the way.

Please try the following steps -- you will need some form of removable media (i.e.

I then tried going into Safe Mode with Networking and that also failed to work.

It is still connected to the internet as I'm typing this. - Dan I just changed the Ethernet cable from the computer the computer that wont work to the computer I'm on right now. Question: Are you connecting via wireless, or a wired (Ethernet) connection? : No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Media State . Another that may help you with solving the problem is that when my Ethernet cord is plugged into my router, it flashes. I didn't think it was because there were to many plugged in though. I tried switching them around in the different holes but that still got me no where.

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This was all done with an Ethernet cord plugged in as well.

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