Updating a staircase dating at different colleges

Posted by / 04-May-2015 19:51

MIGHT want to protect the floors too, if you’re an impatient, messy DIYer. Remember when I said we were going to play make-believe since I don’t have photos from when we actually did this project?Pretend this honey oak-stained piece of wood is a railing.

But I’m convinced that there’s a magical phenomenon that happens on road trips – maybe the “acoustics” of the vehicle and the blaring volume of the music – that morphs my voice into something like Adele’s temporarily. You MIGHT be able to save a few of them, but be prepared for many of them to break.

But if you know you’re replacing the balusters, go with our method: UNAPOLOGETIC DESTRUCTION!

Come on friends; it’s time to take a little journey. We did this project pre-blogging, so I’m workin’ with the photos I can track down from the abyss of our hard drive, and recreating the stain process on a random scrap of wood so I can show you how it works.

I wish we were going on a classic road trip, complete with car-dancing, crazy wind-blown hair and more Mike-and-Ikes than one digestive system is equipped to handle, but it’s not that kind of trip: we’re headed down memory lane, buds. We’re going to have to play make-believe, just a smidge.

Just wiggle the balusters up and down, or saw them in half with something sharp and power-tooly, until they break and you can pull them out of the railings.

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