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Unmoderated webcam community

These readings, detected during the same time frame of Potrblog’s 133 times background detection, suggest that the radioactive fallout from Fukushima is dispersing wider and farther away from the Jet Stream than previously known. The informative and lively comments were so numerous and lengthy that the page slowed loading considerably.So while the page continues with its live radiation readings and expanded in-situ and multi-media radiation sampling and testing, we decided to close the comments there and move the conversation here.One beer test as well as another beer radiation detection session also showed heightened radiation.A Swiss roll pastry with green tea, vegetable juice and sake, all made in Japan, were detected with higher than normal radiation.

Also discounted by the government here downwind of the Fukushima disaster is the possibility that radiation from Japan’s meltdowns and the widespread Japanese practice of burning radioactive debris and rubble could drift on the Jet Stream over and onto North America.

Numerous contributors to this site have shown this to be false.

Huge amounts of radiation has rained upon America including Potrblog’s recent reading of over 133 times background in the St. The Pacific Northwest, Midwest and large areas of both west and central-east Canada have also suffered from high radiation levels in precipitation.

Now has found significantly high radiation readings far south of the Jet Stream in some of America’s most cherished national parks including the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion.

In addition, we’ve conducted a slew of new tests that you will find of interest.

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Your comments about them and what they could mean are most certainly welcome here as well. Here are some new items that you might find interesting…

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