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Tv show az dating

After convincing Andrew she just came for his support, Madeline reveals to Zelda that she really was there to get him back. Zelda is convinced the gal is there to win back Andrew, so she sets up Madeline with her own ex.From the producers of the acclaimed documentary film, "Catfish," comes a new MTV series that brings together couples who've interacted solely through their LCD screens.Over the course of months or years - these romantics have become smitten - but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?The rest of the cast includes Christina Kirk, Henry Zebrowski, Hong Chau, Lenora Crichlow, and Katey Sagal.

Thursday’s de facto series finale, “M Is for Meant to Be,” found Andrew and Zelda pondering their own future when his seemingly perfect ex-girlfriend Madeline (Dreama Walker, ) arrives in town following a breakup.

Andrew tries to convince Zelda he was being sincere with her, but she just replies, “Until you really mean it with the next girl.” He can’t guarantee they’ll be together forever, he tells her, and this makes Zelda’s decision about a partnership offer (from executive producer Rashida Jones, finally putting in an appearance) in New York all the easier.

(What if this is actually a prequel to a stranger sitting at a desk in the next building, she decides she doesn’t like the view.

Meanwhile, Andrew leaves her a voicemail, admitting maybe there’s no such thing as meant-to-be.

For the first time in history, Amazon and NFL Films present an unprecedented look at the lives of players, coaches and owners of the Arizona Cardinals over an entire NFL season.

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After all, when they first met, Andrew told her it was meant to be, the same line he gave Zelda on their first date.