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Their happiness and depression levels went unchanged, "suggesting that the effect is specific to experienced loneliness," the researchers wrote.And a drop in loneliness was linked to an increase in feeling more socially connected, which the researchers believe is the cause behind the positive effects of status updating.[6 Personal Secrets Your Facebook Profile Isn't Keeping] Interestingly, the team found that loneliness levels did not depend on whether the students' status updates garnered any comments or "Likes" from Facebook friends.

One might assume that a lack of response could be considered a form of rejection, but the act of writing a status update itself might help people feel more connected, the researchers said.Scientists have found what compels people to constantly update their Facebook status.Every device connected to Internet has an IP number.Each computer has to have an IP number to connect with other computers.During that week, all completed a short online questionnaire at the end of each day about their mood and level of social connection.

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Compared with the group of students who didn't adjust their social media habits, those who went on a status-writing blitz felt less lonely over the week, the team found.

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