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She builds and performs with shadow puppets, hand and rod puppets, and marionettes.Her original puppet shows have been featured at La Ma Ma’s Puppet Slam and Winter Wonderland, Standard Toykraft, and most recently for an elementary school English class in the Czech Republic.We will add some very simple interactions like: shooting, repositioning. Event; import flash.utils.*; import *; import Box2DAS.*; import Box2DAS. Input.mouse Is Down && will Reset) { // If the bird is shooted and the player release the mouse button reset(); } } /** Prepare to shoort method */ private function shoot():void { trace("shoot power:", power); // The bird will be moved by the physic engine with type: Dynamic type = "Dynamic"; // Get the impulse force var power X: Number = - power * Math.cos(angle Radian); var power Y: Number = - power * Math.sin(angle Radian); // Aplly the impulse force b2body. Get World Center()); // Switch state to shooting state = "shooting"; } /** Prepare to shoot method */ private function prepare Shoot():void { // Get the mouse position in the world Movie Clip var mouse: Point = Input.mouse Position In(world); // Get the distance between the mouse and the bird var distance Mouse: Number = Point.distance(mouse,new Point(x,y)); // Limit the distance to 150px in order to limit the impulse force if (distance Mouse > 150) { distance Mouse = 150; } // Set the boolean will Shoot to true will Shoot = true; // Convert distance Mouse to impulse force power = distance Mouse / 13; // Get the radians angle between the mouse and the bird angle Radian = Math.atan2(mouse.y - y,mouse.x - x); // Orient the sprite to the shoot direction rotation = angle Radian * 180 / Math.

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preparing, shooting */ public var state: String; /** Check if the player press the button to shoot */ private var will Shoot: Boolean = false; /** Check if the player press the button to reset the bird position */ private var will Reset: Boolean = false; /** Power of the shoot */ private var power: Number = 0; /** Get the angle in radians between the mouse cursor and the bird */ private var angle Radian: Number = 0; /** Init x position of the bird */ private var init X: Number = 0; /** Init t position of the bird */ private var init Y: Number = 0; /** Constructor method, called when the bird instance is created */ public function Bird() { // constructor code } /** Called when the bird is added to stage by box2d */ override public function create():void { // Init position init X = x; init Y = y; trace("create"); // Physic properties density = 10; friction = 1; report Begin Contact = true; report End Contact = true; report Post Solve = true; report Pre Solve = true; allow Dragging = false; super.create(); // Reset the bird at the begining reset(); // Add a loop, called 30 times per second listen While Visible(world, Step Event.

She performs regularly in New York and surrounding areas with puppet improv troupe, Team Lopez and puppeteered on the latest national tour of John Tartaglia’s Imagin Ocean.

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She is thrilled to pay homage to her personal hero and deity, Dolly Parton!