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Here is a real-life experience with laptop theft as described by social worker Claudio Oliver, who lives and works in Brazil.

Like many people, his computer is a necessity in his everyday work routine.

I turned my back for only a second when a thief took the bag with my Mac and disappeared. Also in his stolen case were gloves, a hat, headset and his Mac Book laptop computer.

The first thing he did was to go online from another computer and log in to his account to report the Mac as stolen.

Sports Journalist Øystein Vik in Bergens Tidende (Norway) had just returned from a holiday vacation with his family in Southern Norway when his Mac was stolen.

Vik had just stepped outside of the airport and was about to load his luggage into the car when it happened.

The computer thief did not go online immediately, so Vik reported the theft to the police and the insurance company on Monday.

Then on Wednesday, he checked again to see if there was any activity. The thief had gone online three times, and Vik had received five webcam pictures of him.

In the middle of the night, their house was robbed.

When the program is activated, it will use the webcam to take pictures of the next person who logs onto the web.

In addition to the picture of the the thief, there is the physical address, IP address, and even the name of the wireless network the thief uses.

I recently received a call that I’d hoped would never come.

The pictures were clear and the man was very recognizable especially one of the images that was basically a mug shot.

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