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Spain dating norms

The following year, while in Saudi Arabia, she discovered she had become pregnant by her lover.

According to her account, she had reason to believe her elderly husband - a member of the huge and fabulously rich Saudi royal family - was growing increasingly suspicious of her behaviour.

Last night the Home Office refused to comment on the case, saying it would not discuss an individual decision.

But the granting of asylum to a Saudi princess could have serious implications for relations between the UK and the oil-rich desert kingdom, which has proved a useful ally in the West's war on terror.

She said that if she went back there with her baby she could have been subject to Sharia law.

Three years ago, during a Serious Fraud Office investigation into alleged bribes paid to senior Saudis, the Saudi government threatened to restrict the flow of intelligence it provides on terrorism.

In 1980, Saudi Arabian diplomats protested to Britain over the ITV drama-documentary Death Of A Princess - which reconstructed the death of a young royal publicly executed with her lover for adultery.

Her initial claim for asylum was rejected by Britain's Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, because of inconsistencies in her account, and fears that she was exaggerating the dangers.

Britain's ambassador to Saudi Arabia was expelled and export orders cancelled.

In the latest case, the woman - who was given anonymity by the asylum tribunal - met her non-Muslim English boyfriend during a visit to London and they began a sexual relationship.

A married Saudi Arabian princess has been given asylum because she had an illegitimate child by a British man.

She claimed that if she returned home she would face being stoned to death for adultery.

She claimed that in order to give birth in London in secret she came up with an excuse to visit Britain again.

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