South african sexsite

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South african sexsite

Hudson has no less than eight prior convictions, including offences for battery.

Most recently he knocked a barman’s teeth out by head butting him on Boxing Day, for which Hudson received 12 weeks in a male prison.

The report also found that most institutions already had “good systems” in place for accommodating transgendered inmates, who were generally treated well.

He raised the issue with the Women’s and Equalities committee and promoting an online petition.

He describes himself as, “one of Europe’s most in-demand transsexual entertainers and the first TS presenter on the UK Television BABE channels,” in the listing, adding: “A night with me is a night you will never forget”.

Following Hudson’s case, it is likely more men, who make little effort to live or appear as women, will be allowed into female prisons.

Currently, the transgendered are require to undergo surgery and sterilisation, or be diagnosed with a mental disorder and get divorced if they are married, in order to have their chosen gender legally recognised.

A Ministry of Justice report from 2014, reviewing the changes brought in in 2011, identified rising concerns that increasing numbers of male prisoners would claim to be transgendered to get what the report called an “easy” ride though the prison system.

Ministry of Justice guidelines have allowed some non-legally recognised women into female jails since 2011, who can “be refused location…

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