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Slovakian dating culture

In a seven-page report filed when charges were brought against her in December, prosecutor José Antonio Nieblas said: "The accused..a certain point in a row they were having, made a sudden and unexpected use of the .38 special-model Amadeo Rossi revolver that she was carrying.

"She shot Andrew Bush three times, the first shot hitting in the arm and the other two in the head.

A Slovakian model who shot her British millionaire ex-boyfriend in the head has been found guilty of his murder by a Spanish court.

Mayka Kukucova was found guilty of murdering former gold dealer Andrew Bush at his holiday home in Marbella in April 2014.

He was the only person that I had." She said that even though he had split up with Kukucova he was "still supporting her and still wanted to help her".

The 26-year-old claimed she had "never meant to hurt" Mr Bush and said she had acted in self-defence.

She told the Ciudad de la Justicia in Malaga that the 48-year-old died during a violent struggle where "shots were fired".

The swimwear model did not enter a formal plea but prosecutors are now seeking a sentence of up to 25 years.

Making a tearful tribute to her father in court, Mr Bush's daughter, Ellie Mason-Bush said: "He was my only parent growing up.

"Andrew Bush had no chance to react or to defend himself." The prosecutors then said she had placed the revolver in Mr Bush's hand before fleeing the scene in the Hummer he had left on the driveway.

Four days later she handed herself into Slovakian authorities and was extradited to Spain to stand trial.

Speaking in court she said: “I was only defending myself.

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I was afraid because never in my life has anyone tried to kill me.

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