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Shat asrael g erl s and cam

The program included Beethoven's " Kreutzer Sonata" by Mr. Barnard, Violinist, and Elene Austin, pianist and accompanist, and Mr. We are informed that it is projected to invite the same artists for a repe- ition at no distant date. That which gave a touch of sublimity to the otherwise commonplace words, is the idea contained in the last line of the first stanza, " John Brown's knapsack is number eighty-one," implying that the soul of the martyr was with every company bringing the sure trinmph of the cause for which he died. There is no more encouraging sign of the spread of musical culture in America than the excellent character of many of the books regarding music, and the worthy compositions which are now emanating from the west. Jehin Peume gave a conceit in the Queen's Hall, assisted by Miss Marguerite Sym, Miss Tessier, and his pupils. Both the words and the melody are insignificant in themselves, but there are some things whose power is not to be ac- counted for by any of the ordinary principles of criticism, and this song is one of them. No American has yet exhibited a union of genius and lofty ambition such as must go to the molding of a school of art. Nevertheless the influence of this century will go to make the future, and it is well that the story of it has thus been written. The home-sickness, hardships, and suffering of the soldiers, and the anxiety and sorrow of those at home found expression in such songs as Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, O Wrap the Flag Around Me, Boys, and Just Before the Battle, Mother; while the humorous side is seen in Grafted into the Army, and Kingdom Coming. •'A Hundred Years of Music in America" has been received. " There were other feelings connected with the war be- sides those of patriotism. They are aware, there- fore, that to a wideawake and original mind he adds the wide and special training of a true musician. Cutter also possesses a genuine enthusiasm and a vein of real humor, both of which are apparent in his ways and con- versation, and will manifest themselves in his paragraphs as they do also in his scherzi or fioco animates.

It touched a chord in the hearts of the people and achieved an instantaneous popularity. A brief glance at the work, however, is sufficient to discover that it is sure, whatever the balance of merit and defect, to be read with interest by all whose attention is drawn to the subject of it; ,for it is the history of the dawning of a great era, cosmopolitan and modern as are our own people. Pianist, assited by Alice Wentworth, Soprano, Arthur O'Neill, Violin, Adolph Schelischmidt, Violoncello. The most remarkable song of that eventful period is John Brown. A review of the book is reserved for the next number of the Musical Herald. Bach's Family, 55- Beethoven and Haendel, (home life J 55, Beethoven's Place Jn Art, 58. Browning and the Atheist, 121, Bach's Music, Modern Vein in, 151. Likewise every reform and popular movement has its songs. It was in keeping with the character of our Puritaa ancestors that the earliest musical compositions of this country were sacred songs, and these still form a large part of our popular song. 2 follows its example, which seems to show a poverty of invention, or else an ardent desire to catch the popular Cerberus. His love fore - tells our tri - als, He knows thine hour - ly know. The growth in music has been more rapid in the west than in the east and altho not quite as high a popular plane has been attained, we must look well to our laurels or in a short time the sceptre of supremacy in American art will no longer be ours. It is called out by the events or whims of the day and is forgotten when the occasion to which it owes its existence is past. The most effective of these was undoubtedly that of Tippecanoe and Tyler, too, which is said to have made Harrison President and to have carried the Whig party into power. And heaven is all sub - can pos - E& t: -t *jb §^ -*- ¥^ 4=i^ "- 1 WE% d ^ gi — s— » g =-J * l=- -■l — i — i- 33 ■0—S»- -5*- =*3^ ife — **^ i J: d=5t=q — j)-"--* i ^w ^ -l-ZT _j j-T— I EHE=j=g J E3 * s ^ due. The people are not yet as thoroughly critical in music as the more educated concert goers of the east, but with such workers as pioneers, the result cannot be very far off. Hermann Brandt, violin, and M iss Jeannette Wilcox, vocalist, when besides a well selected classical progiam, several of Mr. Miss Sym played Mendelssohn's B minor Capriccio and Saint-Saens' " Danse Macabre, "for eight hands, on 2 pianos was performed. — A highly successful concert was given at the Athe" neiim, under the auspices of the Southern Methodist Church, on Thanks giving day, by Messrs. They em- body the life of the American people during a time of in- tense national feeling, and they are for that reason of real and permanent value. In composition it has such men as Beck and Rogers in Cleveland, Kunkel in St.

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Prume on violin ; Miss Tassier sang Massenet's " Allebua du Cid " and ** Spring" Flowers" by Reinecke. It would be the narrowest criticism to estimate the worth of these songs by their musical merit. It is not so long ago that the western states were held to be the very best market for variations which consisted of scramblings up and down the keyboard on the tonic and dominant chords, and that every one who could perform these meanderings was entitled *' Professor." Now the west is returning good for evil, and in every department of musical production, is sending acceptable gifts to the east.

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