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Sextreme dating episodio 1

Michael Massee guest-starred as Jacob Dawes, a serial killer who murdered several teenage girls.In the episode "The Popular Kids", Will Rothhaar guest-starred as Cory Bridges, a cult killer who murdered two high school students.In the episode "Blood Hungry", Kris Lemche guest-starred as cannibalistic spree killer, Eddie Mays, and Lindsay Crouse played his mother, Mary. ", Ned Vaughn guest-starred as Donald Curtis, a pedophile who abducts an eleven-year-old girl named Belinda Copeland.Theodore Bryar, a paranoid schizophrenic who held several passengers hostage, including Elle Greenaway, on a train.Jeff Kober guest-starred as Bryar's imaginary friend, Leo, and M. Gainey guest-starred as Detective Frank Moretti, who leads the investigation of the hostage situation.

In the pilot episode, "Extreme Aggressor", Andrew Jackson guest-starred as Timothy Vogel.

Chelah Horsdal guest-starred as his victim, Heather Woodland. Woller guest-starred as serial rapist Franklin Graney. K.", Marcus Giamatti guest-starred as Barry Landman, a narcissistic trauma surgeon suspected of committing several shootings.

In the episode "Poison", Nick Jameson guest-starred as Edward Hill, a serial killer who murders people with poisonous drugs.

In the episode "Riding the Lightning", Jeannetta Arnette guest-starred as Sarah Jean Mason, an inmate on death row who is determined to make sure her son never finds out the truth of his parentage.

Tony Todd guest-starred as Eric Miller, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his family.

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In the episode "Natural Born Killer", Patrick Kilpatrick guest-starred as Vincent Perotta, a professional hitman who abducts FBI agent Josh Cramer of the Organized Crime Unit.