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To get a rough idea what is entailed in winery start-up, we will look at the costs for a hypothetical 5,000 and 15,000 gallon winery using authentic numbers.We will then prepare a monthly cash flow analysis for the first 5 years using the 5,000-gallon winery figures.

It will be daunting, exciting, expensive, frustrating and much more.

But if you speak to any of the current wine producers in Ohio, nearly all will tell you it is rewarding.

When starting a winery it is very important to have an accurate picture of what you will require in the way of assets.

Believe me, it is always more than you might "guess".

Most love their business; many are making a good living although admittedly some are struggling.

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The most successful operations have done lots of homework before the first tank was ordered or shovel of dirt turned.