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Report jerks dating internet

)And if you haven't heard about these “hardwired” male triggers…Then don’t worry, neither did I until my “fat and dateless” friend Lisa explained them carefully to me.Now I’m not talking about cheap relationship advice like “make sure you have things in common”, or “what to say to men to make them like you”, I’m talking "Instant Attraction Triggers" that will literally make men tremble with desire for you.(Imagine that!You see, at that time, I realized that Lisa has something that a lot of women are missing, and that is choice.The choice of whom she wants to date and be in a relationship with.

This site will teach you something very different; something very POWERFUL. This isn’t like those other dating / relationship advice websites out there pushing useless advice that tells you that you should or shouldn't do something so that you can attract a man. Ok, so let’s get into it…My name is Renee Wade, and I would like to help you become twice as attractive as you are now in the eyes of men, and have hypnotic and mesmerizing influence over any man. (It’s hard-wired into every male on the planet and if you are not using these attraction triggers, then you are losing to someone else who is!

(Because now, men are lining up just to spend some time with her!

)Lisa was this shy, nerdy and overweight girl back in high school. (You know what guys can be like; they don’t want to speak to the unpopular, overweight girls, especially in high school.)So when I met up with Lisa many years later after school, and I was shocked to see her! She had turned herself around 180 degrees and was now an absolute Bombshell…I was completely blown away by her transformation. I asked her how she went from this unattractive boring-looking girl to this hot, seductive temptress….

In fact, she was somewhat unpopular; she didn’t have many friends… she said this to me…“The only difference between how I am now, and how I was back in high school, is that NOW I understand what makes women attractive to men and what really captures a man’s attention AND his heart.

It’s all about the science of ‘Evolutionary Psychology’.”Evolutionary Psychology?

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