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Most evaluations require the use of a data collection tool—a survey or other data collection instrument.

Evaluators either need to adopt or adapt tools “off the shelf” or create new ones.

Two focus groups of New Zealand high school mathematics teachers reviewed these Standards, and found that there were more similarities than differences between the Standards and what they would expect of a highly accomplished teacher in New Zealand.

Questionnaire items were drafted relating to each of 470 statements in the Standards.

Highly accomplished teachers build a relationship between their students and the mathematics curriculum, as well as with the language and processes of mathematics, by engaging their minds with challenging material and rich tasks.This study describes the attributes of a highly accomplished mathematics teacher as reported by the students in their class, and also determines whether high school students can differentiate between highly accomplished mathematics teachers and others.The 51-item instrument, Students Evaluating Accomplished Teaching – Mathematics, was developed to map the construct of highly accomplished teaching as articulated by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in their Adolescent and Young Adulthood Mathematics Standards.Either method can pose challenges: Tools that have been developed for one evaluation may not prove suitable for another, at least not without careful modification.At the same time, creating new tools requires expertise in measurement and instrument design. When considering the use of an instrument, keep in mind the following: These sites provide access to tools and instruments useful for evaluating the wide range of outcomes addressed by informal STEM education experiences.

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Research and Evaluation Instruments on Informal This section of Informal allows users to search a collection of evaluation reports, articles, and other resources that include evaluation instruments and tools.

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