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Real cam life lina

The boundaries between digital and physical are perfectly unclear when it comes to the POLAROID INSTAGRAM.

Is it a classic POLAROID that comes equipped with a social media digital connector or a digital camera that prints actual photographs?

How does it feel to touch a poster and unleash the magic of music?

What if you could create a playlist just by physically pressing random shapes?

Beck’s created the “Playable Poster” to turn beer into art. Different buttons on the wall next to it allow you to change the look of the world outside according to your mood or artistic sensibility.

It seems that a key element of the emerging collective consciousness of western societies is a desire to literally grasp, to make incarnate, the new, ethereal mental technology-driven social constructs into visceral objects, and experiences: interactive button options present in paper magazine ads, physical instagram filter panels cropping up in front of landmark London views, and 3D content being physically rendered, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. Does preference hold any value without explicit declaration?

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What mnemonic purpose does photography hold in a social context where images must be viewed within a 6-second time frame before self-destructing?

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