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Alongside the rise of adult entertainment acceptance, home entertainment was also becoming common in the average household.

Video home systems and video game consoles not only allowed for families to enjoy the latest all-American feel-good story from the comfort of their own couches, but also for discreet and private viewing of adult material.

True Love was Parsley's 14th release, hitting shelves on June 9th, 1995.

Reception in Japan was, as with most other Parsley titles before it, cited as unimpressive and easily forgettable.

But for the most part, the depiction of sex in Western video games and print media was, more often than not, crude and embarrassing.

Well, if you are the main character of True Love, all of the above may be the answer to that question.True Love is an adult bishoujo (dating sim) game released by Software House Parsley, a small software developer who entered the industry 1989 with a game on PC-98 called Celery, with the objective being to combat a tornado made up of women's clothing.Parsley achieved some minor success on the PC-98 and X68000 with their library of mediocre products and production values.In particular, the game VENUS gained some attention and saw a re-release with added voice acting after its release in 1994.Software House Parsley's mascot and logo In the US however, things turned out a bit differently.

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Ever since pornography shot into the mainstream's eye in the 1970s, the adult industry suddenly enjoyed an all-new acceptance from a younger generation that didn't blush at the sight of well-shaved buttocks gyrating for minutes at a time.

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