Perl validating file names

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Perl validating file names

The validator can check documents specified by a Web URL, files uploaded from the user's computer, or text pasted directly into a text box on the validator request page.

These options suffice when you're developing a new page, but if you're generating a sizable collection of documents automatically (for example, with a content management system for a Web log), or you have a complicated existing Web tree you wish to check for standards compliance, submitting each document individually for validation can become tedious.

The Bulk Validator may be downloaded from the following link: and the manual page for the program extracted from the documentation embedded within it, as well as this document.

Bulk Validator submits all of the HTML/XHTML files either in a specified directory (the current directory is assumed if none is given) or in that directory and any subdirectories to the W3C HTML validator and reports the results.

You can use these files in the directory in which you extracted them or install them in your system's library directories to make them available to all users.

You may wish to rename the Perl program as so it can be run as a regular command line program; if you do so, make sure the location of Perl in the first line of the program corresponds to where Perl is installed on your system.

This program requires the Perl modules Data:: Dumper, Pod:: Usage, LWP, and URI:: Escape.

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If your Perl installation lacks one or more of these modules, you will have to install them (either system-wide or for your own user account) before you can use Bulk Validator.

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