Pastor dating parishioner

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Pastor dating parishioner

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Charles Price issued a preliminary injunction, as sought by deacons and trustees of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Juan Mc Farland, 47, must turn in his church keys and his church-provided Mercedes and then stay away from the church he led for 24 years.

Temporarily banned: After the court ruling, Mc Farland returned to the church, met with leaders in a private session, then he turned in his keys and left at p.m.

— less than an hour ahead of the judge's deadline After the court ruling, Mc Farland returned to the church, met with leaders in a private session they described as tense. — less than an hour ahead of the judge's deadline.'I know a young lady who is a member of the church who says she has slept with him and that she didn't want this to go public, and she running out now trying to find out if there is anything wrong with her.'And I'm hoping by doing this interview that she will see that she can come and talk to someone and her name or whatever will not be revealed.

And maybe she can have some peace by coming forward and not the shame that goes along with it.'A different parishioner told WSFA 'I believe that he should be put on trial.

Go to court and let the judge decide if he should go to jail or not.

We tend to sweep things under the rug, especially if they're the leader.

WFSA reported that prior to that, 'Peacock was being sued for his alleged role in helping Mc Farland change the church's locks, bank accounts and for threatening to shoot deacons if they returned to the church's property.' Price said the courts have no role in religious matters, but they sometimes have to step in when congregations can't settle their differences over control of buildings and money.

'If it could be resolved in the church, it would have been already,' the judge told the courtroom packed, with more than 100 people.

It's like oh, no, please let's not get this out but I think after this that they will have more discussions on HIV and AIDS.'Mc Farland said nothing inside or outside the courtroom Thursday during two hearings. He also said nothing as he left the church carrying only a ball cap containing a few personal items.

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