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Dont really blame them if the girls really was saying these things.

I stayed in a hotel and tried to figure out why this was happening and tried to work things out with my girlfriend.

After a month or so I realized that they beleived that I actually did these things and that it was not going to work out so I moved back to CT where I have been ever since. That is a breif account of the back story Now 5 or 6 years later the girlfriends sister is posting rude and untrue comments about me on face book and ruining my reputation in the area.

She is calling me a child molester and lots of vile stuff and now the whole town thinks I am a pedophile.

I have never or would never do such a thing, I think it is discusting.

The girlfriend never pressed charges on me nor was I ever questioned by the police in any state.

After moving to AZ we soon after moved to NM, all of a sudden my girlfriend tells me that her daughter is accusing me of touching her and doing sexual things to her.I honestly dont know why she would be saying these things, needless to say it discusted me.I remained in NM dating the girl allthough her parents (the little girls grand parents) would not allow me to live with them.At the time I left NM the girlfriend beleived that I really didnt do anything but it was rather from a traumatic experience the child must have had while being brought around the crackhouses and drug addicts.My question involves defamation in the state of: CT Hi all would love some feedback on this situation, it is very troubling and I really dont understand defamation of character law.


About 5 years ago I moved from CT to AZ with a girl I was dating and her 5 yo daughter.

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