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They don’t want pitches where there is a risk of their caravan sinking in axle-deep, but they do want hook-ups to water, electricity and ideally TV.

Providing sites for these happy wanderers can also refresh the bank balances of cash-strapped farmers and landowners.

But would-be site operators need to be aware that caravanning is changing, and they will have to deal with a lot of legislation and quite a bit of expense.

I brought along my polling card only to find there wasn’t one. Younger people think and do things online, not on paper.’ Rachael Burns, 24, from Glasgow, agreed. ‘I so wish I’d voted.’Their friend Jack Whittam, 26, from Reading, insisted he had planned to vote Remain but failed to send off his postal ballot in time.

Ashlee Waton, 22, from Edinburgh, said: ‘I would have voted In. ‘My mum agreed to do a proxy vote but then I forgot the paperwork,’ he said.

Only 73 per cent of the 18 to 24-year-olds questioned said they were certain to vote or had already done so, compared with 86 per cent of pensioners.

Britain’s 1.8m caravanners may sometimes raise the blood pressure of following drivers, but they are reckoned to contribute at least £250m a year to the rural economy.

Sarah Gillibrand, a 19-year-old media and business student from Liverpool, felt Britain could emulate America, which ‘isn’t doing too badly’.

She said: ‘I was told there would be a polling station at Glastonbury.

The Glastonbury survey echoes the findings of a nationwide poll carried out by You Gov on the day of the referendum.

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This showed young adults were far less likely to vote than the older generation, even though the outcome would affect them for many years to come.