Live cam six egypt

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Live cam six egypt

I want to find my best friend, a man who I can have in depth conversations with, take walks in the park, endless possibilities to grow and learn from each other. We are developing a means to display the thousands of live Pyramids images captured here on Pyramid Cam over the past 4 years so you can browse them by date.Have a look at the camera location What's the Weather Like Today?Weather - Go here to have a look at the latest weather activity in Egypt.The annual winter - Spring storms are starting and you can watch them roll in from North Africa bringing rain, wind, sand and cooler weather to the area.

You will need to have Google Earth installed to view.

Animal Cams - August 11th - We have not had an ultra- interesting capture for some time, but this is certainly one!

Diane caught this one on the 8th of August and we have never seen anything quite like it. You can see the full size image here How big are the Pyramids? June 8th - Diane reports a red streak on on the Pyramid Cam image on June 7th at pm Cairo time.

I noticed a spot in the NE section and checked for sunspot activity. The latest sunspot cycle has been very slow to get started, but this is a big one.

View the full size image by clicking on the image below: Captured by Diane on October 26th at This is probably a meteor in three pieces, but depending on the speed of the object, it could be a single meteor spread across the image.

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It's a period of yearly meteor activitiy, but this light does not appear to be moving.