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If the information Here’s Hawking’s new solution(s).As reservoirs fall, garbage, old vehicles, and even entire towns becomes visible.The “information,” in this case, is disclosed as the reservoir evaporates.But if a black hole can evaporate, what happens to the information about the material it once absorbed?To understand this in the physical world, consider the drought afflicting much of the American southwest.well, we don’t know what happens inside the event horizon of a black hole.Here’s the problem that Hawking thinks he may have solved.

For the past few decades, black holes have been at the center of a paradoxical problem — a problem famed physicist Stephen Hawking now believes he’s solved.

Even if you don’t follow astronomy or physics closely, you’re likely familiar with the concept of black holes.

Remember, though — a black hole is an area of such intense gravity that nothing can escape, including information about what it previously digested.

If the information disappears with the black hole, that violates quantum mechanics.

Black holes, which are formed by the collapse of super-massive stars, are areas of gravitation so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape.

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