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The Official Dallas episode guide, detailing all 14 seasons and television movies of the hit television Dallas starring Larry Hagman as JR Ewing. Atticus tears up his will after hearing about his friends' deaths. At a dinner at the Oil Baron's Club that night, Atticus tells Mc Kay that he intends to continue his takeover bid of Weststar.

Please note in the original series broadcast season one was known as the five part mini series. While Debbie is distracted, Clayton's drink gets a few drops of liquid from an eyedropper.

"I said 'I love you,' and she said 'I love you,' I said 'then why don't we get married in this charming city of New Orleans.' Pam said 'why Bobby James Ewing, that is the craziest idea I ever heard! Cliff returns from wherever he's been and learns about Bobby and April's wedding, and is asked to be the best man.

Bobby agrees that he will do so, and he will tell the family tonight when they arrive home. Pam acknowledges that by saying that she and Bobby also want children. She calls back a few moments later to confirm an upcoming rendez-vous, prompting Cally to start packing her bags.

Ray gets dressed from another one of his and Lucy's rolls in the hay while Lucy looks around with binoculars. Eleanor Southworth Ewing, Bobby's mother, answers the door and is dumbfounded. When she finds words, Miss Ellie scolds her son for marrying a Barnes. R., watching Cliff on TV anxiously at Ewing Oil, get a call from Ellie, telling them to come home. John Ross overhears her saying goodbye to Lucy and tearfully rushes out of the house to stop her.

Coincidentally, Pam is telling Bob how he can do much better for himself. Jock drives to a barn somewhere on Southfork Ranch. In addition, he asks him to tell Pamela Barnes, Cliff's brother, and unbeknownst to them, Bobby's new wife, also Ray's ex-girlfriend, to tell her brother to lay off the Ewings. Later, JR and James argue and he says he plans to marry Michelle so they can be one big happy family.

He asks Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman, if Lucy was taken to school. Ray says he will try on both accounts, and Jock leaves satisfied. Ray yells at her for almost getting him in trouble, but she wins. JR returns home and lays a classic guilt trip on Cally for turning James against him and pushing him towards Michelle.

His father John Ross Ewing Sr., or Jock, calls and and demands what is going on, and orders him to get Bob back so he can continue his job as Ewing Oil's public relations man. grabs her and asks if her brother asked her to be a spy, and he bribes her to leave. All of the principals are informed, and James gets righteously upset over it.Bobby seals deals for Ewing Oil using the three B's: booze, broads, and booty. Bobby confronts JR about it, who claims to just be protecting his son from Michelle's wacky plans.She seduces Ray to call her Pam, and Ray, who is weak at heart, does so, and they make out. Much like Sue Ellen, Cally is so devastated that runs crying up to her room.Pam continues to encourage Bobby to become an executive at Ewing Oil. He then tells her about the living arrangements and about how he wants a baby. JR calls Serena and tells him that Cally's ready to go over the edge.She sees Bobby driving up to Southfork, and Pam is with him! Lucy tells him that they are married when she catches a glint of light on Pam's finger. Bobby is home with a wife, and it is not just anyone. He tells JR, who's watching from the balcony, to make her stay, so he's forced to retract everything he said.

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During the period of the day known as Cocktails, where the extended family sits in the living room, drinking and talking about their days, Bobby tells them how he got married. Cally tells JR that things will have to change in their relationship or she'll leave for good and let the world know why.

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  1. I’ve been married, and enjoyed a long relationship since my divorce in 2003. If I was really honest, Christmas, when everyone else is sitting down to the turkey and cranberry sauce with their spouses and children, can make me feel lonely.