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Invalidating an irrevocable trust

Some simply act as though the ex-spouse is already deceased, while other states simply cross out the provisions and move to the next names on the list.The court will only apply these principles however, if the will is probated through the court.Divorce is a permanent legal action that affects more than just a couple’s relationship status.One area affected by divorce is the couple’s estate planning including wills, trusts, and other estate planning tools.Either way, it is not unlikely that the intent of the deceased party will not be followed where a divorce and then a death occurs prior to changing the will.

Estate planning is the process of preparing and describing what will happen to all of a person's assets should he pass away.Many states, such as California, Texas and Arizona, have laws that prevent ex-spouses from collecting on an inaccurate will.If the will is simply dealt with privately, there is no guarantee that these provisions are honored.Additionally, some states with this presumption, such as Pennsylvania, offer a means for the divorced spouse to challenge the will and request a legal share.This challenge is impossible once a new will is written and the old will revoked.

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