Heather marter and dustin zito dating 2016

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Heather marter and dustin zito dating 2016

Brian responds by talking about how he and his ex had a rocky relationship (no pun intended — you’ll see why), but that there was still a friendship. But it’s not all roller skates and balloons for the former Playboy Playmate of the Month, who goes full-on batshit crazy on him (5 points).

Let’s break down the confrontation: Stephanie: “I tried to break up with you a day before you left to come on the show.

I was grappling with my thoughts on this whole thing (i.e., Googling them) when I stumbled across this gem from ABC’s most-hated blogger, Reality Steve, who claims that not only did Stephanie date another former this week.

I had no idea that you were here.” OK, let me get this straight.

You’re still dating, even though you tried to break up with him and were not planning on seeing each other again until May 10 (which also happened to be the last day of filming)? I’m no relationship expert, but I’m pretty sure if you’re dating someone that you have to actually talk. Stephanie fights like a first-grade bully on the playground.

I have wanted to do this in the past but was hesitant because I knew once she was given the chance she would become the Brady to my Bledsoe. As Desiree is sitting in her Bachelorette Mansion writing in the journal given to her by Zak “The Naked One” W., she receives a call from Chris Harrison, who informs her in his best Adam West .

When former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky discovered that Justin “Rated R” The Wrestler had a GBH, she chased him around the hotel for a solid 20 minutes while he tried to hobble away with a cast on. We had seen in the season trailer that the GBH was making an in-person appearance, so naturally I pulled out the popcorn and readied myself for the fireworks.

Desiree drives down to the Bachelor Mansion and pulls Brian outside to have a conversation about his GBH.Instead of just dropping the bomb immediately, though, Des does her best Chris Hansen impression, probing Brian with questions like “I want to know if your conversations are sincere” and saying that she just wants to make sure people are there for the right reasons before giving them a one-on-one date. Because she is actually here.” With that, Stephanie strolls in, hair and makeup professionally done, wearing leather pants and her best “I’m on my way to sell real estate” blazer., it was clear this was not the week to leave GRTFLers without a breakdown.So, I enlisted the help of GRTFL Super-Scorer Caitlin Mangum to recap the highs of this week in lows. — , House), 105 points: GRTFL Super-Scorer Caitlin: I didn’t even know Brian’s name until this episode, but that won’t stop me from writing roughly 5,000 words about what happened this week.This is also (un)surprisingly not the only reference to domestic violence this episode. Just when I think that Brian has come off looking pretty good, Stephanie goes for the jugular, claiming that she and Brian slept together two days before he came on the show, to which Brian responds simply, “We did.” All the points: Stephanie. Is Brian just the victim of a crazy ex who was unjustly kicked off (100 points)?

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