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Hairdresser for dating

I get paid to do hair, overshare, and listen and I just don’t know what’s ok to talk about with a guy I barely know and what I should just keep to myself.

To avoid making the same mistakes I did I encourage you to head to the hairdresser and talk your hearts out so that when you find yourself sitting across the table from a hot guy you can focus on them not your drama. Let’s go over the types of things that you absolutely want to mention to your hairdresser.

While I’m working and getting to know a new client, this is a very valuable skill.

However, recently it has become a problem for me because I am a single lady and I’ve started online dating.

As a hairstylist, I consider myself a professional conversationalist.

I have heard so many crazy stories that I can and will talk about any and everything.

As it turns out, men have different preferences when it comes to conversation and I’ve had to learn the hard way that in the world of dating and getting to know someone new, less is way more!

After being brushed off a few times after what I perceived to be great connections, it occurred to me that I must have a slight handicap in this arena because I’m so used to talking!

It’s imperative that your stylist have this information so that they don’t ruin your hair!

Don’t hold back even if you think it’s not important, here’s your chance to overshare!

These topics should come up during your consultation but if your hairdresser forgets to ask about them please feel free to bring it up or just fling it out there.

1.) Your Hair History: This includes every single chemical hair service, including hair color, that the hair on your head has been through.

We talk to our mothers, our friends, strangers, basically anyone who will listen (or at least pretend to).

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When we are talking to one another we will visit 10 different subjects in 5 minutes and never once consider the possibility that we are saying too much.