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Grant adams deeper than dating

SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: So there’s a number of interesting ways in the book that you talk about the science of people who are nonconformists.

I think we have a sort of negative connotation sometimes when we talk about people who conform, but is that fair? ADAM GRANT: Yeah, I think conformity is dangerous because it means following other people not because you believe in their ideas or agree with them, but because you want to fit in instead of standing out. SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: Yes, I think that’s a great point.

It turns out that they procrastinate a lot, just like the rest of us. And we leave out the part where instead of just dropping out of Harvard, he takes a leave of absence, just in case he wants to return.

If you’re at the top, if you’re a leader, you’ve actually earned the license to think differently. And the idea is because of what you’ve accomplished and the position you’ve attained, people will tolerate a little bit of unusual thinking.

But in the middle, it hurts a lot to take a risk because you worked really hard to climb to that position you’ve achieved, and it’s very easy to focus on all the reasons that an idea will fail and make you look bad as opposed to thinking about its potential.

So tell us a little bit about why that sort of myth of the nonconformist isn’t really real.ADAM GRANT: Yeah, I was really surprised to discover that the original nonconforming people in the world were not who I thought they were. And they have lots and lots of bad ideas, which sounds a lot like me. I think we like to tell these heroic stories right of Bill Gates dropping out of college and going for broke to start Microsoft.SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: Well, so give us a little bit of insight then into what you found about how nonconformists work.Like I think we all have in our heads an image of nonconformist, and from what I understand of what you’ve written, that’s probably not true.This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.

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