German american dating seperation

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German american dating seperation

There are also some collecting points where you can exchange paper and cardboard for a certain amount of money according to how many kilograms you have brought in. There is a distinction between white, green and brown glass.

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that you are not allowed to throw reusable or deposit bottles into the bottle banks.

Into the so called yellow bin („Gelbe Tonne”) or yellow bin bag („Gelber Sack”), you put all packaging such as empty tins, plastic packages, or beverage cartons as those can be recycled.

You get yellow bin bags at the city hall for free or you can buy bin bags at the supermarket.

You receive such collection boxes at shops and supermarkets, where you can also return them when you filled them with old batteries.

In Germany, it is common to divide garbage into different groups instead of throwing everything into the same bin. Therefore, waste is not only separated in residential houses and dormitories, but also on the whole campus area and at other public places such as the train station.

Below, you find an overview of the different garbage bins.

Also, bottle caps have to be removed as they belong into the yellow bin.

Organic waste such as leftovers, fruit and vegetable waste, egg- and nutshells, coffee filters, tea bags, as well as garden waste like greenery and grass clippings, belongs into the brown bin/organic waste collection bin.

Fluids, cigarette ends, or diapers do not belong in here.

Paper and cardboard are collected in blue paper barrels.

In here belong magazines, leaflets, books, and paper or carton packaging.

Garbage including pollutants needs to be collected separately.

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Batteries for example contain toxics and have to be collected in small boxes.

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