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I'm starting to get annoyed that he isn't working harder to overcome this jackhammering reliance.It hurts, it's superboring, and it makes me feel like I might as well be an inflatable doll.QMy boyfriend and I both spent a lot of time masturbating when we were young, and pretty much trained our brains to come only one way.He can only come from masturbating furiously, or sometimes from a marathon of jackhammer sex.A few years before I met him, I toned down the masturbating to retrain my brain and pussy and tried a bunch of new things, and I can now come from different acts and positions.It wasn't easy, but I am so happy with this versatility.But so far, the FBI has found no evidence to support those claims, the Los Angeles Times reports.Investigators have discredited claims by some people who alleged Mateen had sex with men.

Since the shooting that left 49 people dead, people have claimed Mateen had gay relationships and used gay dating apps.

—Hoping a Massive Masturbator Eventually Retrains Exacting Dick AHere's how you retrain his dick: Your boyfriend stops doing what he's always done—no more masturbating or fucking in the style to which his dick has become accustomed—but he keeps on having sex and he keeps on masturbating.

We've talked about it, and he says he'll masturbate less, and that does help (read: now it's a half hour of jackhammering instead of hours), but I'm still eager for more variety—and to be able to walk after sex and ride a bike the next day.

For what it's worth, about half the time he just lets me come buckets and then gives up on himself. Since I know firsthand this can be overcome and I accommodate him as much as possible, I think I'm being reasonable, but I'm sure you'll tell me if I'm not.

To look into the claims, the FBI searched Mateen’s electronic devices and found no photographs, text messages, gay pornography or smartphone apps to support the claims that he had a secret gay life.

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During the massacre, Mateen said he was avenging the bombings in the Middle East.

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