Friends reunited dating co uk new

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Friends reunited dating co uk new

Want to reconnect with old school, varsity or college friends - but don't know where on Earth they've gone?

If they're South African, wherever they're living now, there's a website that can help you find them.

In January 2005 I received a message from Lesley via the Friends Reunited Dating site where we had both been registered for a while inviting a messaging correspondence.

"Our research has shown that, due to varying circumstances, many of us have become displaced from our families and friends that we grew up with.

Yet no matter where you are, SAReunited can offer its reuniting service to each and every South African.

Another factor is the ongoing evolution of the site.

Since its inception, the developers have added dedicated sections for various professions, while providing a variety of special offers for members.

Launched in 2002, SAReunited now lists over 36000 schools, universities and colleges and over 31000 cities and towns in its database, and has over 664000 registered users.

We will be delighted to hear from you if Swoon brought you together with someone special.

This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online. I was widowed and Lesley was a divorcee, both in out late 50’s.

"Overseas members, for instance, can upgrade to premier membership, whereby they can not only look for South Africans in their overseas city, but even search for those from a particular school who live in their city." Around 70% of SAReunited's users live in South Africa, while the majority of foreign users are in the UK, Australia, the US, New Zealand and Canada.

One reason for SAReunited's success is its South Africanism: it was conceived, designed and developed by South Africans, who understand their users' unique requirements.

South African expatriates can now publish their "confessions" on the site, while users looking for love can try their hand at an associated, innovative online dating site co-developed by Stergianos: yesnomay B.

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