Esr dating in quaternary geology

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Biostratigraphy does not directly provide an absolute age determination of a rock, but merely places it within an interval of time at which that fossil assemblage is known to have coexisted.

In: Quaternaire, 15, (1-2), 2004, p 135-141 ESR DATING OF QUARTZ EXTRACTED FROM QUATERNARY SEDIMENTS APPLICATION TO FLUVIAL TERRACES SYSTEM OF NORTHERN FRANCE Pierre VOINCHET*, Jean-Jacques BAHAIN*, Christophe FALGUÈRES*, Michel LAURENT*, Jean-Michel DOLO**, Jackie DESPRIÉE*, Robert GAGEONNET* & Christine CHAUSSÉ*** ABSTRACT RÉSUMÉ DATATION PAR RESONANCE PARAMAGNÉTIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE (RPE) DE QUARTZ FLUVIATILES QUATERNAIRES : APPLICATION AUX SYSTÈMES DE TERRASSES DU NORD DE LA FRANCE deposits allows to elaborate regional chronostratigraphi- cal frameworks in which the geological, palaeoenviron- The Plio-Pleistocene fluvial terraces systems represent mental and archaeological evolutions can be replaced, a great interest both for geologists and archaeologists, Since the end of the 1980's, electron spin resonance because they have recorded tectonic uplift, climatic varia- (ESR) dating of bleached quartz extracted from tions and human occupations.With the exception of the radiocarbon method, most of these techniques are actually based on measuring an increase in the abundance of a radiogenic isotope, which is the decay-product of the radioactive parent isotope.By combining multiple geochronological (and biostratigraphic) indicators the precision of the recovered age can be improved.Geochronology is different in application from biostratigraphy, which is the science of assigning sedimentary rocks to a known geological period via describing, cataloguing and comparing fossil floral and faunal assemblages.A number of radioactive isotopes are used for this purpose, and depending on the rate of decay, are used for dating different geological periods.

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More slowly decaying isotopes are useful for longer periods of time, but less accurate in absolute years.