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Dependency property not updating ui

The chapter then looks at the security capability model of the phone and at how this model is used to notify the user of any potential dangers before downloading an app from the Windows Phone Marketplace.You also look at using the Marketplace Test Kit to determine the capability requirements of your app.The overview of the custom infrastructure begins with an exposé of the Model-View-View Model pattern, and you see how it is applied in the downloadable sample code.You then examine how property change notification is implemented and see techniques for improving the traditional implementation of that allows you to specify handlers for command evaluation and execution.Next, the chapter examines the threading model of XAML for Windows Phone and examines various performance considerations when creating animations or hiding and showing visual elements.You see how the Windows Phone frame rate counter works and learn how to interpret each reading shown on the display.

The chapter then looks at the Windows Phone Application Analysis tool.You see how to profile your app’s performance and memory usage, improve the responsiveness of your app, and help ensure that your app passes the Windows Phone Marketplace certification requirements.This chapter begins with a look at the principal output of a Windows Phone Application project: the XAP file.The chapter discusses its composition and shows how to deploy a XAP file to a developer unlocked device.In fact, with more than 100 example pages included in the downloadable sample code, creating the code for this book would have taken considerably longer without it.

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The techniques demonstrated are tried and tested approaches that help you build more maintainable apps and, by the end of the book, will have become exceedingly familiar to you if they are not so already.

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