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Datingsitesrevealed com

This was the first of many synchronicities Ken and Paula now share. And, of course, Ken is grateful to Jill for convincing him to join her site!

The victim is then immediately redirected to the legitimate website, most likely without realising that his credentials have just been transmitted to a different website.”“Email accounts are often shut down after the provider notices they have been used for fraudulent purposes, so ensuring a fresh supply of compromised accounts gives fraudsters the opportunity to send even more phishing emails before the accounts get closed,” explained Mutton.Proofpoint EMEA director, Mark Sparshott, warned that other cybercrime gangs may try to exploit the publicity around the online dating site attacks by sending fake emails to users claiming to come from one of the affected sites.There’s a divide developing in the online dating industry. wholesome, long-term relationship and marriage sites. The casual sex sites encourage short term flings and discourage deeper, more intimate connections. She is the owner/founder of Spiritual and has personally influenced the “rising” in love and living ‘happily ever after’ for hundreds of singles. Jill Crosby is an expert in the dating world and coaches singles on “Spiritual Dating” techniques for fulfilling, heart-centered relationships.Jill’s own father, Ken, lost his wife (Jill’s mom) after 45 years of marriage to a long battle with cancer.

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When Ken started dating, Jill kept encouraging him to join Spiritual Singles.