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There has been no intentional negative focus in the creation of this article.A factual rundown of all major historical events affecting the Chinese in America will readily show that most landmark developments—from the founding days of the USA to recent decades—simply detrimental for them.During the Great Depression, San Francisco Chinatown residents perpetuated and capitalized on negative stereotypes, such as staging “spontaneous” knife fights between “opium-crazed” triad members for passing guided-tour groups to attract visitors.Particularly in the 1960s, there situations created by the Chinese community, such as underground sweat-shop operations and human trafficking, that brought on justifiable police raids and ensuing investigations.

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hile the slavery of Africans and the genocide of Native Americans are familiar topics to many, what the Chinese in America endured remains an unfamiliar subject to most.

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Severe acts of racism and discrimination—pogroms, massacres, mass expulsions and near-genocidal policies—were perpetrated against the Chinese, but the facts surrounding this Chinese chapter in American history are largely neglected or suppressed, and certainly not taught in standard school text books.

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Official mentions of the topic, if any, are anemic at best and tend to emphasize the concessions granted to the Chinese or the few reparative steps taken by the US government, which, as a rule, came as too-little-too-late for many Chinese Americans.