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Dating postcards postage

Based on research into the postmarks and cards themselves, contemporary journalism, secondary scholarship, and some postcard websites, the EAIC has devised the following periodization scheme: Period I.

March 1st 1918-February 14, 1933: 1/2 divided back w/ 郵便はき: February 15, 1933-August 15, 1945 On October 1st, 1900, it became legal in Japan for private companies and individuals to produce picture postcards that the Japanese postal authorities would accept and deliver at the postcard rate.Precise regulations were published regarding the size of the postcards, and the format.This post also provides several examples and explanations of Japanese postmarks.This chart by Urakawa Kazuya provides the basic method scholars use to subdivide Japanese picture postcards into four periods: Period I. 1/3 divided back: March 1907-March 1918 Period III.1/2 divided back: 郵便はき: February 1933-August 1945 Urakawa Kazuya 浦川和也.

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“Kindai Nihonjin no Higashi Ajia, Nan’yō shotō e no ‘manazashi’: ehagaki no rekishiteki kachi no “ibunka” hyōshō” [The Japanese “Gaze” on the Peoples of East Asia and Micronesia: Archives Importance and the Other Race Representation, in the Japanese Picture Postcards]. One side of the postcard, the front, is dominated by a photograph, design, painting, drawing, or image.

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