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Dating indiatimes com

Manav Mehta, the founder of Fickle said, "We realise that while the internet has made the world more connected in a virtual sense, the reality is that people are now lonelier than ever before, content with living their life through social networks.

Our goal is to translate these numerous virtual connections into real world experiences".

A source was quoted by the portal, that Ridhima and Eshaan are really close to each other.

In fact, one of Ridhima's friend shared that Eshaan is very happy with the way the actress' career is going.

Beautiful and talented, Ridhima Pandit, who is currently winning hearts with her portrayal of a Robot bahu in Bahu Humari Rajni_kant seems to be in love.

According to an entertainment portal, the actress is apparently dating Hrithik Roshan's cousin, Eshaan Roshan.

Whichever part of the world I am, every 17th of May I will celebrate it with more excitement and much more enthusiasm cause your special day belongs to me as much as it does to you. Not only in need but the one who keeps me grounded and at the same time makes me believe nothing is impossible. And thank you for helping me be a better version of me.

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Here's to many more Birthdays together ❤ Happy Birthday Esh..

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