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Hiei wasn't near Genkai at the time, and Aegichi is Kuwabara's kitten, who wasn't seen again after the episode where Sakamoto kidnapped her.The Shadow Sword turns whatever it cuts into a low level demon.A web site where users have the ability to create quizzes on ANY subject then add questions and answers to their preference.

Related quizzes can be found here: Yu Yu Hakusho Quizzes There are 185 questions on this topic. Younger Toguro followed Genkai into the forest and killed her before the Dark Tournament's final round started.Yet when he's fighting Yusuke he only has 4 on each arm while the rest stays the same.The pages within used to be rather cool and, but now it has been infested with little children either making pointless surveys where they desperatley plea for "cyber", giving on the option "yes" to it all, leading to their e-mail addresses popping up on the screen of results, or they just make rubbish questionaires like "GOFFIK OR NOT!!! NOT quizzes at all, rather very long, perennial and boring romance "novels", which usually go by the names of "A date with a vampire - part 45" or "The hot foreign exchange student at Hogwarts - chapter 12".These are all just a subtle way to do the exact same thing as their toddler enemies, as usually they will get "rated" the "highest score" by poor, helpless teenage girls who focus on nothing more than gaining around 5 boyfriends on the doomed website by sending countless numbers of private messages to the authors.Genkai does this to test team Urameshi for the upcoming events involving the psychics who are trying to open up a gate to spirit world.

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She also has Yusuke kidnapped to prove that you cannot always use just brute strength to win battles. Yusuke's however is green because he feels he looks better in green. When he does two of the teachers seem to always be out to get him.

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