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good one." is probably a no-brainer for him (48A: Most common key of Chopin's piano pieces), but for many of us less musically inclined people, that letter is a crap shoot.

It's A or B or C or D or E or F or G and who knows, so you wait for the cross. The problem is that you have exotic crosswordese and can't really *confirm* it in the cross.

The IN- addition just doesn't change things enough to give the resulting themers a truly wacky jolt most of the time. The "IN-" addition really makes that base answer swerve—you get a pronunciation change, and, well, there's not much that's "fancy" about "diapers," so you get a tonal shift as well. As with yesterday's OCR and (esp.) NSFW, I love when shortenings are very much in-the-current-language.

I recently posted/shared on my Facebook page a link referring to this potentially great new clue for (otherwise ridiculous) the breath mint. Its by a cashier in that it's in the checkout aisle of your supermarket or drugstore. The best kind of surprise is when awareness of your own ignorance slaps you in the face, and you can't help but go, "yeah …

But the cross is this obscure piece of crosswordese, was the only thing that sounded Japanese, but …

— "IN" is added to beginning of familiar names & phrases, creating wacky phrases, which are clued "? Whole theme tied together by 117A: Popular website whose name is a hint to this puzzle's theme ( I don't have any problem with an ultra-simple concept like this, but a.

it should yield really entertaining results, and these were just OK, and b. Quickly became clear that I could stick "IN-" at the beginning of every theme answer, which gave away info about the crosses (obviously) as well as info about the theme answers. ) because it's dead-on and dead awesome (it's short for Scarlett Johansson, which you probably knew or guessed by now) (102A: "Lucy" star, in tabloids).

Names of azoles maintain the prefix upon reduction (such as pyrazoline, pyrazolidine), except for pyrrole, which has no -azole suffix and is reduced to pyrroline and pyrrolidine. Some guy who "contributed to" the laws of thermodynamics? And then RAJAHS was clued with a cross-reference to a word that was *in this same damned section* (itself vaguely clued — ROYAL as a noun, Then there was the bottom half of the puzzle, which went down like a Wednesday. The numbering of ring atoms in azoles starts with the heteroatom that is not part of a double bond, and then proceeds towards the other heteroatom. An azole is a class of five-membered nitrogen heterocyclic ring compounds containing at least one other non-carbon atom of either nitrogen, sulfur, or oxygen.[1] The parent compounds are aromatic and have two double bonds; there are successively reduced analogs (azolines and azolidines) with fewer.One, and only one, lone pair of electrons from each heteroatom in the ring is part of the aromatic bonding in an azole. But I fully admit this is more a matter of taste than a matter of substandard construction.[if you stayed awake for all that, you're a better (wo)man than I am] (wikipedia) put me off this puzzle immediately, and once I lost that loving feeling, I never got it back— despite the fact that there is nothing really wrong with the puzzle at all.

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The grid is impressive in that obvious way that giant stacks of 15 always are.

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