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I ask this because I have not found a clear answer online.Without a doubt the fastest and cleanest way to repay student loans is the ten year full repayment plan.If I choose the standard payment plan can I change this plan later and how many times can I change my payment plan?Can I get the extended payment plan when I consolidate?Also, the first loan began in mid October of 1998 - June 2003 then I deferred them till a took a ,500 loan out last year.My current situation is bad since I am currently being supported 100% since I could not find employment for the last two years.

I would like your advice since I went back to college am 40yrs old now that I finished college.

Currently, I was going to try to make the standard payment, but it would be to much for me with my new bills for the new place I will be renting, and paying for everything to support myself in NV.

The Direct loans are being serviced by Great Lakes, and until I call them I don't know what the payment(s).

The Stafford loans are being serviced by American Education Services who have split these loans into 3 payments totaling 8 per month on the standard payment plan.

I am thinking of consolidating all my loans, but should I use the Federal Student Aid to consolidate both the Direct and Stafford loans ( do they consolidate both direct and stafford loans), or is there a different website for the government consolidation for both direct and stafford student loans?

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Also, If I consolidate my student loans, if I need to do so can get a forbearance If I can't pay for some reason till the following month?