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Some of the tasks noted here can be automated, or at least made simpler, in order to produce financial statements more quickly.

However, to some degree, the higher level of precision required to produce more accurate financial statements requires additional consolidation effort, and therefore more time.

This method is typically used when a parent entity owns more than 50% of the shares of another entity.

If a subsidiary uses a different currency as its operating currency, an additional consolidation accounting step is to convert its financial statements into the operating currency of the parent company.

Given the considerable number of steps, it is useful to convert them into a detailed procedure, which the accounting department should follow religiously as part of its closing process.

Otherwise, a key step could be missed, which would throw off the financial statement results.

In a consolidation, you gather transactions from several company accounts into a single set of company accounts.

You can print reports, such as financial statements, from the consolidated company, but you cannot use this company for daily transactions.

The controlling company, also called the parent company, is said to have a controlling interest in the subsidiary.

This type of parent-subsidiary relationship typically comes about as the result of acquisitions or heavy investment by a large corporation in another company.

You can consolidate data from companies with databases external to the consolidated company database, or you can consolidate data from companies within the same database, a so-called "online" consolidation.

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Accounting for Transactions with the Subsidiary Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements Community Q&A A subsidiary is a company that is controlled by another company that owns 50% or more of its voting stock.

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