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It’s full out mountain biking weather now that we are clear from winter.Sure, we could be tough and bike all year long, but neither one of us seemed to muster up the courage to brave the frosty chill.This one surprisingly stood up to the challenge and hit the spot.Don’t let its simplicity full you, this one packs some crazy week night flavor.

Now that you’ve read about presents from pony’s and had to be bothered with the idea of us getting all mud covered and sweaty, this is the type of meal we like to indulge in after a good ride.Those heavy, stick to your ribs, you’ve earned it kinds of meal that make your inner fat kid jump for joy until it gets winded after about 20 seconds.Got a narrow pathway where your dodging tree limbs and large rocks?Add some poo to it and its a full on Olympic sport. Large grassy meadow where the horses could walk any where with just a dirty path three inches wide for bike tires? We are joking about making stickers, ‘My bike doesn’t sh*t all over the trail’.We threw on our bike shorts in mid February and have been out every weekend at least twice since.

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Our goal this year is between 50 and 100 miles every month.